Philosophy of Technology - Introduction

Místo konání: Brno

Přednášející: Dr. hab. Maria Kostyszak, prof. UWr (Institute of Philosophy, Wrocław University)

Datum konání: 01. 04. 2019

Pozvánka: Stáhnout



Since the seventies of the 20th century, the philosophy of technology has become an
interdisciplinary domain of investigation joining empirical sensitivity with global theoretical
horizon. It helps to limit technocratic tendencies and to regulate the development of
technology to serve democratic values. Among various theories of technology such as:
instrumental, anthropological, semiotic, critical or technocratic, the phenomenologic-
hermeneutic one is the most beneficial stage of achieving the goal which an integrated
history of technology is. I will try to point out the attributes of phenomenologic-hermeneutic view, which decide on its character. Phenomenological categories used in technology research: ‘lifeworld’, ‘corporeality’, ‘tool’, ‘artefacts’, ‘technofacts’ and hermeneutic categories – ‘understanding’, ‘interpretation’, ‘significance’, ‘meaning’, ‘cultural transfer’, ‘social estimation’ etc. comprise in a cognitive sense a stage in research which prepares the integrated theory of technology and in the dimension of social impact they allow on education within the scope of risk analyses and the benefits of technical improvement. I will refer to some of the central representatives: Carl Mitcham, Andrew Feenberg, Val Dusek.