How We See the Trompe-l’œil through Wollheim’s Spectacles

Místo konání: Olomouc

Přednášející: Gary Kemp, Ph.D. (School of Humanities, University of Glasgow)

Datum konání: 28. 03. 2018

Pozvánka: Stáhnout

Prezentace: Stáhnout


After some background explaining what Richard Wollheim's account of pictorial representation is, and how it differs from some other accounts, I argue that it does not imply that the Trompe l'loeil is not a depiction, as many have thought including Wollheim himself.  I do so by assuming a roughly Kantian version of aspect-perception (Mulhall, Searle), analyzing with its help the (quasi) logical form of the experience of a Tromp l'oeil. I close with some remarks about Wollheim's Two-Foldedness.