“I Am” and “It Is”: Reflections on the Embodied Subject

Místo konání: Olomouc

Přednášející: Prof. Raymond Tallis (Emeritus Professor, University of Manchester)

Datum konání: 09. 05. 2018

Pozvánka: Stáhnout

Prezentace: Stáhnout


Human beings are neither disembodied spirits nor ghosts in biological machines. We are, as many philosophers, notably Merleau-Ponty, have argued ‘embodied subjects’: the subject and the body are like the recto and verso of a sheet of paper. Nevertheless, the relationship between the ‘I am’ of the person and the ‘It is’ of the body is very complex. I will discuss different aspects of this relationship. In addition, I will examine how our experience of embodiment may be the basis of our sense of the reality of extra-corporeal material objects as existing independently of our experiences.