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Mate Penava | Theories of Truth: A Critical Overview

4. 4. 2022 | 16:00 - 17:40

When we talk about what truth is, we are concerned with establishing a criterion for discerning true statements from false ones. But before this, it is necessary to examine if truth is a substantial notion or it can be replaced with some other notion. Several views on truth, jointly labelled as deflationist, claim that truth is not a substantial notion and subsequently not of utmost significance. If we refuse this view, we need to establish the above-mentioned criterion and several groups of theories have aimed to do so. One of the most prominent theories is that of truth as correspondence, which claims that a statement is true if it corresponds to reality and false otherwise. Although this seems as a very good description of truth, it has many drawbacks and due to this many rival theories have appeared. The most prominent ones would be coherence theory of truth, pragmatist theory of truth and verificationist theory of truth. All of these theories claim that truth is a substantial notion. There are also some theories that can be placed between substantial theories of truth and deflationist theories. The main candidates here are the identity theory of truth and various minimalist accounts of truth.


4. 4. 2022
16:00 - 17:40
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doc. dr. sc. Mate Penava (Department of Philosophy, University of Zadar)
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