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Riccardo Pozzo | Kant for the Reflective Society

10. 10. 2018 | 13:15 - 14:45

Kant has much to offer to the ‘reflective society’. The adjective refers to the role of deliberative communication of citizens in a modern public sphere aiming at mutual understanding and goes back to Kant, Hegel, Habermas, Fishkin, Beck and Ferrara. At this level, social innovation becomes reflective and generates cultural innovation. Insisting on reflexivity helps to raise awareness for the importance of framing issues around engaging with science and society, identifying problems and defining solutions. The biggest challenge of this century, which is migration, asks for a new narrative of inclusion and reflection. Kantian philosophy has the best chances to provide it. What Kant has written on the rights of visit (das Recht eines Fremdlings), on hospitality (hospes) and sovereignty (hostis) is the key to shaping the narrative. Culture cannot be but plural, changing, adaptable, constructed. Inclusion and reflection are constructed whenever we are in contact with other human beings, regardless where they come from.


10. 10. 2018
13:15 - 14:45
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Riccardo Pozzo, Ph.D. (Università degli studi di Verona)
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